For partners

Over the years, "Expasoft" have developed mutually beneficial partnerships with many large and medium-sized companies in different business areas and industries.

Some of our products and technologies could be realized only through the joint efforts and the practical application of skills and resources of our company and partner companies.

We are open to partnerships with reasonable structure and a clear development plan.

First of all, we are interested in partners among IT integrators. We have a certain amount of developed and ready for practical application technologies, which can be found under "Technology" section on our website.

Implementation and integration of our technologies based on methods of machine learning and data mining in IT systems of our partners or customers, and further mutually beneficial cooperation, including scaling of existing technologies and developing new ones, are our prioritirs in shaping our strategy of partnerships.

Please contact us with proposals or questions on partnership or investment cooperation with our company via the feedback form in the "Contact Us" or by e-mail: